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Nov 23, 2017 - We have two IC events ongoing, the land-creation Wilderness Exploration event and the group-centered Tribelands Expedition event.
A long and bitter winter has finally given way to a green and balmy spring. The remaining felines, previously confined to their own lands by the blizzards, are now free to reclaim their world, and the first nomadic loners have begun to trickle back into Ithaka. No trace of saurian survivors can be found, and it seems that the world belongs to felinekind once more.

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News 24 POSTS in 7 THREADS
Any important OOC announcements or IC developments will be posted here.
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Guidebook - POSTS in - THREADS
Click here to access our guidebook and help pages. If you're confused about anything, feel free to contact a staffer for clarification.

Creation 5 POSTS in 4 THREADS
When you're ready to make a new character, you can post their application here.
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Records 9 POSTS in 5 THREADS
You can create threads here to store threadlogs, tables, and other useful information about your characters.
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Plotting 15 POSTS in 5 THREADS
IC plots, planning, and requests go here.
Sub Forums:
Minor Tribes,
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Maintenance 4 POSTS in 4 THREADS
Character update threads for things such as group changes or or class rank-ups can be found in this forum.
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Lounge 11 POSTS in 3 THREADS
Play games and talk about everything and anything here.
Sub Forums:
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Graphics 2 POSTS in 2 THREADS
This board is for requesting art or opening a graphics shop! Rules of use inside.
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Questions & Suggestions - POSTS in - THREADS
Ideas for the site, no matter how small, are always welcomed! This board is also used for asking questions about the site, and is guest-friendly. In order to prevent bot spam, the password here is Ithaka.
Advertising & Affiliates - POSTS in - THREADS
Share the roleplay love! Just read the rules within first, please. The password here is Ithaka.
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First Time,
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Wilderness 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS
Not every part of Ithaka is controlled by a tribe. Buffer zones and potentially dangerous lands are left as corridors and no-man's-land, spanning to all four corners of the world. These lands are lawless, and rumors of surviving saurians are particularly frequent here.
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Imperium 2 POSTS in 2 THREADS
Neighboring the western sea, with a mediterranean climate and vast rolling terrain, Imperium was once the cosmopolitan center of Ithaka. Known for its trading hubs and military might, Imperium was isolated from the outside world by the freeze, but the lions who live here have endured.
LAST POST made in Houses of Imperium by Game Master on 08-12-2017, 12:23 AM.
Indus 1 POSTS in 1 THREADS
A tangled and seemingly-endless rainforest, hidden by mist and mountain, is nestled onto Ithaka's eastern side. Home to the tigers of Indus, it is a mysterious and potentially-dangerous place--much like its residents.
LAST POST made in Indus by Game Master on 08-12-2017, 12:29 AM.
Nahuat 1 POSTS in 1 THREADS
A jungled peninsula juts into the western seas, connected to the mainland by a strip of mountainous land. Isolated from the outside even before the freeze, the jaguar tribe that makes its home here has been seen as volatile, even barbaric, in the past.
LAST POST made in Nahuat by Game Master on 08-12-2017, 12:39 AM.
Cimorra 1 POSTS in 1 THREADS
The landlocked terrain at Ithaka's heart has remained unchanged for centuries, much like the cougars that make this place their home. Most of the land here is flat and dry, with the exception of the mountains that rise up at the very center of the region.
LAST POST made in Cimorra by Game Master on 08-12-2017, 12:44 AM.
Elsewhere 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS
Thera is a large planet, and Ithaka only makes up a single portion of its landmass. Threads that take place outside the continent, whether in the past, present, or future, can be played out here.
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Crack Board 0 POSTS in 0 THREADS
This is a just-for-fun board with absolutely no restrictions on setting or characters. Alternate universes, bizarre characters/scenes, ridiculous storylines, everything is welcome here. The site rules on mature content still apply, but aside from that, do whatever you want. Nothing here is canon.
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