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Aug 7, 2017 - We have two IC events ongoing, the land-creation Wilderness Exploration event and the group-centered Tribelands Expedition event.
Aug 6, 2017 - We are OPEN!
FennecFyre Trash Pandasaurus
[AW] Courtesy Call by Kalahari, 09-01, 15:57.
[AW] All my friends are H... by Orion, 08-25, 20:22.
Free-to-Use Linearts and ... by FennecFyre, 08-19, 00:02.
[AW] Saving Sacred // TRI... by Leukothea, 08-18, 12:27.
Mahaut - Female - Jaguar by FennecFyre, 08-18, 01:07.
freight train by Eric, 08-16, 16:17.
Vienna by Eric, 08-16, 16:06.
I want you to stay by Máirín, 08-16, 07:45.
JAWHIRA. by Jinn, 08-15, 07:57.
name this night by Alaia, 08-15, 05:01.
one for each member of th... by Seven, 08-15, 05:01.
A long and bitter winter has finally given way to a green and balmy spring. The remaining tribes, previously confined to their own lands by the blizzards, are now free to reclaim their world, and the first nomadic loners have begun to trickle back into Ithaka. No trace of saurian survivors can be found, and it seems that the world belongs to felinekind once more.

Season Changes: September 7

X vs Y

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